Aireon’s Women Who Rock(et): Introducing Sinead McCloskey

Sinead McCloskey

Aireon would like to honor the achievements of some of the great women at Aireon and look-ahead at the opportunities that await future generations. For our second post, we sat down with Sinead McCloskey, Aireon’s Director of Safety and Service Operations. 

One Safety Team: Aireon

It’s up to Aireon to be our own regulatory body and continue being safety-minded. Not just within our safety team, but across the entirety of the organization.

Back to Basics (Part 3): ADS-B Data – Not Your Average Aviation Data Set

For the third installment of our “Back-to-Basics” blog series, 1090 Global is exploring the “ins and outs” of Aireon’s analytical ADS-B data. If you read our first two posts, you learned how the system works, and how the data travels from point A to point B.  Now it’s time to understand what differentiates Aireon’s data from today’s available data sets, and how it will greatly impact the global aviation community.

It’s Just ADS-B

Aireon’s space-based global air traffic surveillance service is ADS-B on a satellite. Instead of utilizing traditional radio receiver towers on the ground, Aireon has redesigned them into flexible and highly effective space-grade receivers on Iridium’s second-generation satellite constellation, Iridium NEXT. This allows for 100 percent global air traffic surveillance using the same ADS-B signal that aircraft already transmit.

Back-to-Basics (Part 2): All Things Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B)

A Simple Snapshot of the Aireon System’s Process in Action

For the second installment of our ‘Back-to-Basics’ blog series, 1090 Global is diving deeper into the inner workings of Aireon’s technology.  At the core of the Aireon system is a technology called ADS-B which, in addition to being at the cutting-edge of aviation surveillance and aircraft tracking, is the foundation of every Aireon Hosted Payload (AHP).