Global Data Products

Space-based ADS-B for enhanced air traffic surveillance, innovation and analytics

Aireon provides the first, global air traffic surveillance system using a space-based ADS-B network that makes it possible to extend visibility across the planet, in real time.

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Aireon Stream

Gate-to-gate, surface-to-space, high-fidelity surveillance data combined with flight and airspace contextual information to enhance tracking, situational awareness and analytical tools.

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Aireon Insights

Identifies key performance indicators related to a flight’s operational safety and efficiency, allowing stakeholders to make data-driven decisions based on reliable data.

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A high-fidelity, low-latency source of aircraft position data beyond FIR lines for enhanced prediction capabilities, effective flow management and demand/capacity balancing.

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The Aireon Story

From Concept to Operation

For the first time, aviation stakeholders are able to take advantage of a 100 percent global air traffic surveillance system using Aireon’s space-based ADS-B that will increase safety, enhance efficiency, improve predictability, expand capacity and lower costs.

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We're Making The Skies

Safer for Everyone

Groundbreaking advancements in global air traffic surveillance coverage will provide the world with not only a dramatic increase in safety through world-wide visibility, but also produce a significant impact on air operations for all aviation stakeholders.

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Interactive Timeline

The Launch of an Idea

Follow along with Aireon from initial conception to our future launches, partnerships and plans into the next generation of tracking.

Our Partners


  • NAV Canada
  • Iridium
  • enav
  • NATS
  • IAA