Unlimited potential for Aireon data

Global coverage

Aireon provides the only truly global, surveillance data source.  Leveraging the Iridium satellite network means we have 100% global coverage pole-to-pole, surface-to-space.  Allowing us to bring high fidelity, low latency ADS-B data across all phases of flight. 

Trusted, reliable data delivered in real-time

Aireon is trusted by customers around the globe. Aireon is certified by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) as an air navigation service provider, the first of its kind certification ever issued by the civil aviation regulator.

Situational awareness, valuable insights

Global and reliable data means users can gain unprecedented and valuable insights into their operations, and benchmark their performance with best practices from the global community. These insights help lead to the proactive identification of risks and mitigations.

Proven leader in the aviation industry

Aireon has history of delivering the highest quality data to its customers. We are an integral part of the global aviation industry, supporting the safety and operational missions of our customers.

Our products combine the highest quality data with valuable insights

ATS Surveillance

Safety-grade data for navigation

Aireon has deployed the first-of-its-kind air traffic surveillance system, and the Aireon data has quickly become the gold-standard for ANSPs around the world to safely manage their airspaces.

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Tailored, streaming data

AireonSTREAM provides global, gate-to-gate, surface-to-space ATS surveillance quality data, combined with contextual flight and airspace information, including infrastructure, weather, avionics, aircraft registry, and schedule data.

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Real-time data for traffic flow management

AireonFLOW is gate-to-gate, high- fidelity Air Traffic Services (ATS) surveillance data combined with flight and airspace contextual information. Combined, this enhances prediction capabilities of flow management and demand platforms.

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Event-based flight information

AireonINSIGHTS family of products — including Aireon Locate — put the power of our dataset into your hands. Whether you are a first responder needing to locate an aircraft with Aireon Locate or an operator wanting to ensure the integrity of the GPS signal in your airspace, AireonINSIGHTS is there for you.

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Intuitive portal to manage your data flow

AireonPORTAL is the one-stop-shop for all things Aireon data. Its single-sign-on capabililty allows users to have their information when and where they need it, wherever they operate.

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Data Designed for ATFM

Real-Time Position Data Stream

Includes Additional Contextual Data

Historical Data Available

Data Filtering

Proximity to Area of Responsibility (AoR) or Flight Information Region (FIR)

Global, Aircraft Tail Numbers, OR Area of Interest

Aircraft Tail Numbers OR Area of Interest

Standard Data Feeds

Aircraft Tracking, Airport/ Airspace Analysis

Tailored Data Feed

Customizable Reports

Coverage Area




Update Rate

Customizable, up to once per minute

Customizable, 4s, 8s, 1 min, 5 min

Daily, Weekly, Monthly

Low Latency Data Source

AMQP Support

Compatible with ATFM, SWIM Node, and A-CDM Systems

Data Provenance

Aireon’s high-fidelity, low-latency surveillance-grade data

Aireon’s high-fidelity, low-latency surveillance-grade data

Aireon’s high-fidelity, low-latency surveillance-grade data