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Isavia ANS Expands Use of Aireon’s Space-Based ADS-B Data

REYKJAVÍK, ICELAND/MCLEAN, VIRGINIA 26 October 2021 – Isavia ANS, Iceland’s Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP), announced today that it has signed an agreement with Aireon LLC (Aireon) to expand usage it’s space-based ADS-B data. Isavia ANS provides air navigation services across 5.4 million square kilometers of controlled airspace that extends from the North Pole to Scotland and from the prime meridian in Greenwich to west of Greenland.

As an early supporter of Aireon’s space-based ADS-B technology, Isavia ANS was one of the first air navigation service providers to sign an agreement to implement the Aireon system. With the completion of the satellite constellation in 2019, Aireon data was integrated into Isavia ANS’s air traffic control operations for managed airspace below 70° North Latitude in December 2020.

With this latest agreement to expand coverage, Isavia ANS will use Aireon’s live data feed for sectors above 70° North Latitude starting in March 2022. This technology expansion will facilitate a more dynamic, safer and more efficient use of airspace in the northern sectors, improving traffic awareness and Search and Rescue (SAR) capabilities in remote locations. Polar route service will also be improved, as the new surveillance capabilities encourage greater usage. Isavia ANS managed airspace is part of the NAT region, where Aireon is also used by NAVCANADA and NATS since 2019.

“With the expansion of Aireon’s air traffic surveillance system into the Isavia ANS’s northern control area, we will enhance safety and service by harmonizing procedures and conformance monitoring with other parts of the control area and maximize current technical investments,” said Thórdís Sigurðardóttir COO of Isavia ANS. She added, “We look forward to working with Aireon’s implementation team once again to deploy this next phase, which will allow flights to be tracked across our polar region in real time.”

“Isavia ANS continues to show their leadership in new technology adoption with the expansion of Aireon’s satellite-based ADS-B air traffic surveillance system in their northern airspace,” said Don Thoma, CEO, Aireon. “We are proud of the partnership we have with the Isavia team, as they make great strides to advance the safety and efficiency of remote airspace with real-time surveillance.”

The entirety of Isavia ANS managed airspace will now utilize Aireon’s space-based ADS-B data, merged with ground-based surveillance sources into the ATM Surveillance Tracker and Server (ARTAS) used by Isavia ANS in their ATC automation platform.

About Isavia ANS

Isavia ANS, Iceland’s Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP), provides air navigation services for domestic and international flights in the Reykjavik Control Area and at Icelandic airports. Isavia ANS provides air navigation services that span the North Pole to Scotland, and from the Greenwich Meridian in the east to west of Greenland. Over a quarter of all air traffic crossing the North Atlantic passes through the Isavia ANS’s managed Reykjavik Control Area, where customers enjoy flexibility with regard to flight routing and altitudes.

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