A range of data products to fit the needs of diverse airspace users

From mission-critical, safety-grade data for air traffic control to trend-based data for safety assurance programs to situational awareness tools for military and intelligence users, Aireon has a slate of products to serve the data needs for the global aviation community.


Air navigation service providers rely on Aireon data to safely and effectively manage their airspaces. From take-off to touchdown and all points in between, Aireon’s real-time, global data supports ANSPs’ safety and operational objectives.

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Fleet management and flight tracking tools

Global airlines require global information to manage their fleets. Aireon data provides unprecedented transparency and situational awareness into the air traffic in a particular area or with a particular fleet. From flight tracking to flight status data and beyond, Aireon data is there.

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Situational awareness on the ground and in the air

Airport operators gain complete situational awareness of the traffic on the airport surface with Aireon data. Aireon data allows airport operators the ability to gain valuable insights into operational performance, including on-time performance, arrival/departure management, and beyond.

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Transforming data into actionable insights for manufacturers

Aireon’s comprehensive and global data empowers original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to transform that information into safety intelligence. OEMs are able to integrate Aireon data into their safety management systems for a complete, global picture of the performance of their assets.

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Data-driven investment and leasing

Aireon’s global, trusted data set enables those in the aircraft finance market, include leasing companies, financial institutions, and insurance companies, to better manage risk and make data-driven decisions for investment and leasing.

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Enhanced air domain awareness for the defense and intelligence communities

The National Security Community relies on surveillance and intelligence sources that can be trusted, accessed in real time, and analyzed to deliver critical insights and improve decision making. Aireon controls all methods and means of its space-based surveillance, encrypting data from collection to distribution, to ensure its validity.

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Developer using an Aireon dashboard