The Aireon Difference



Global coverage from surface to 127,500 feet



second update interval



second low latency


Historical data set from 2019

Global data products for unique solutions

Space-based ADS-B for enhanced air traffic surveillance, innovation and analytics. Providing unique solutions to stakeholders in the aviation industry and beyond.


AireonSTREAM provides a continuous feed of high-fidelity ATS surveillance data combined with contextual flight and airspace information.

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AireonINSIGHTS brings greater clarity to event-based information, including alert and monitoring, and aircraft search capabilities.

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Use cases

Military personnel at workstation

Enhanced air domain awareness

Aireon’s ADS-B data enhances domain awareness for national security customers, delivering unprecedented insights to customers around the world. Its global reach and near real-time delivery make it a reliable source of tracking and identification for cooperative aircraft.

Assess risk and traffic patterns with high-fidelity and accurate data

Aireon data is used by analysts to better understand aviation traffic patterns and assess the level of risk associated with operating remotely piloted military unmanned aviation systems. Its high-fidelity nature and accuracy make it invaluable as an authoritative source of truth for decision makers in the national security community.

Military remote drone

From takeoff to touchdown and
beyond, positional data is critical. But what happens when the
systems fail? What if the GPS data is somehow compromised?

Learn what Aireon is doing to prove independent position validation with its space-based ADS-B technology!

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