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Aireon’s Women Who Rock(et): Introducing Charlotte Bue

This month is Women’s History Month, an annual month that highlights the contributions of women to events in history and contemporary society. Aireon would like to honor the achievements of some of the great women at Aireon and look-ahead at the opportunities that await future generations. We’ve asked a handful of women at Aireon a few questions about their roles working in aviation, a primarily male-dominated industry. For our first post, we sat down with Charlotte Bue, Deputy Customer Service Manager.

Charlotte Bue, Deputy Customer Service Manager

Charlotte Bue

What led you to your career in aviation?
My path to aviation was somewhat circuitous. I have a background in GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and Network Support. I’m interested in spatial data, remote sensing and IT. It’s incredibly fulfilling to have the opportunity to work at one company that is an amalgamation of two fascinating industries: Aviation and Aerospace.

What inspires you and why?
I’m truly inspired by the people I interact with at Aireon on a daily basis. In particular, our team of Service Desk technicians inspire me and are the main reason that I am eager to start my workday. As our customer base grows, they show a tireless commitment to meet new challenges and strive for excellence.

What’s the most important piece of advice you would give to a woman starting a career in aviation?
I’m somewhat new to the aviation sector, but as a woman that has generally worked in male dominated industries, I can say that over time I’ve noticed that distinction less. I’m encouraged to see more women pursuing careers in the STEM jobs sectors.

If I were to give general career advice to any young person, it would be to consider mistakes and professional criticism as opportunities for growth and development. Don’t ruminate on negative feedback. Consider the possibility that professional challenges may offer. You may afford yourself the chance to pivot from stagnation to creative solutions if you give yourself the space to make dispassionate observations. I believe that developing a capacity to do this while remaining true to yourself and your mission will serve you well.