From take-off to touchdown, Aireon’s data supports ANSPs’ safety and operational objectives.



nearly half of the world’s airspace uses Aireon data



countries manage their airspace with Aireon data



ANSPs trust and use Aireon’s high-fidelity global dataset

Global data products for unique solutions

Space-based ADS-B for enhanced air traffic surveillance, innovation and analytics. Providing unique solutions to stakeholders in the aviation industry and beyond.

Air Traffic Service (ATS) Surveillance

Aireon’s space-based ADS-B is 100 percent global air traffic surveillance system that will increase safety, enhance efficiency, improve predictability, expand capacity and lower costs.

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AireonSTREAM provides a continuous feed of high-fidelity ATS surveillance data combined with contextual flight and airspace information.

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AireonFLOW enhances prediction capabilities of flow management and other relevant air traffic capacity and demand platforms.

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AireonINSIGHTS brings greater clarity to event-based information, including alert and monitoring, and aircraft search capabilities.

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