Channel Partnerships

Channel Partners provide Aireon data that is already processed through their existing product to ease the delivery of the data to the end user. By partnering with industry leaders with expertise in data processing and existing user-interfaces, Aireon’s network of data is more accessible to those seeking to purchase the data. Please contact our channel partners if interested in accessing Aireon’s data.


Through a unique data partnership with Aireon, Airbus AirSense offers a global and highly precise view of air traffic in real-time. AirSense has a Distribution Partnership for Aireon’s space-based ADS-B data to reach aircraft operators and aviation service providers, in addition to a Channel Partnership that includes web-based dashboards.

AirSense delivers enhanced situational awareness services for improved real-time operations and decision making in aviation. Airsense combines multiple sources of global aviation data with Airbus aerospace expertise to offer the following products:

  1. Tracking – Multi-sourced, global surveillance data streams, processed in a unique quality framework to provide extended and enhanced situational awareness
  2. Events – Customized flight-event data streams and notifications in real-time, ensuring actionable intelligence for quick decision making in a dynamic environment. (Examples: Pushback, Take-Off, CDO/CCO, TMA entry, Top-of-descent, Holding, Go-around, Taxiing)
  3. Analytics – Historic; live and predictive analytics for performance reporting, live monitoring and optimization of customer operations. (Examples: Benchmark KPIs, Predicted Time of Arrival, Gate optimization, TMA Efficiencies, IROPS KPIs)
  4. Delivery – AirSense services can be delivered via data streaming, API or web-based dashboards. AirSense can be integrated into existing customer applications. AirSense can be combined with other Airbus offerings to provide an end-to-end solution.
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Collins Aerospace

Collins Aerospace, previously known as Rockwell Collins, is a leader in technology advanced and intelligent solutions for the global aerospace and defense industry.

In collaboration with FlightAware, Aireon and Rockwell Collins offer space-based ADS-B flight tracking to business aviation customers through the ARINCDirect(sm) Solution. The Collins Aerospace ARINCDirect flight support services offer a single, comprehensive suite of services and support for streamlined flight operations. Now, with Aireon’s added data, customers can benefit from the certainty of their aircraft’s position over the oceans, polar regions, deserts, jungles, and all locations where frequent position accuracy has historically been difficult to achieve.

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FlightAware Global can be used for private and professional flight tracking and is used by thousands of aircraft owners and operators around the world. Global can include Aireon’s unique, global space-based ADS-B dataset to enhance operations, tracking and situational awareness. It includes:

Worldwide Flight Tracking Coverage

Air Traffic Control Radar & Flight Plan Information
Available for flights across North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Central America, as well as overflights of the North Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.


FlightAware can integrate VHF or satellite datalink for aircraft serviced by ARINC, ARINCDirect, Garmin Connext, Honeywell GoDirect, Satcom Direct, SITA, Spidertracks and others.

FlightAware Terrestrial ADS-B

Real-time aircraft positions captured multiple times per minute for aircraft flying over land in over 185 countries.

Aireon℠ Space-Based ADS-B

100% global flight tracking with once-per-minute position updates, including coverage over oceans, deserts and the poles

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NAVBLUE is an Airbus airline operations software subsidiary which provides products and solutions for flight planning, aircraft performance, aeronautical charts, crew planning, electronic flight bag and navigational data.

Aireon’s space-based ADS-B is available through NAVBLUE N-Tracking via a partnership with Airbus AirSense. N-Tracking is a browser-based solution that empowers the dispatches with real-time flight monitoring, situation awareness and enroute communication in a single application, now fused with Aireon’s data. The application merges ACARS, ADS-B, worldwide weather and Air Traffic Control (ATC) feeds with highly configurable alerting, allowing dispatchers to maintain full situational-awareness and manage-by-exception all aspects of flight-following.

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PASSUR Aerospace

PASSUR Aerospace, Inc. was founded in 1967, as the operations platform of choice for aviation experts, with a unique combination of global data, decision support and subject matter expertise offering solutions to improve operational efficiencies.

Whether seeking capacity improvements, reacting to IROPS, rebuilding after a global shock or efficiently running your daily schedule; the PASSUR platform and people deliver actionable data and tooling to the hands of your operations leadership. The collaborative framework uniquely enhances data sharing, communications and decision-making within and between the stakeholders in an operations ecosystem.

PASSUR’s AR\VA platform integrates Aireon’s space-based ADS-B data and is the first to feature high-fidelity, low latency airport surface surveillance, along with global International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)-compliant flight tracking. The partnership will also power PASSUR’s predictive arrival times (ETA) and constraint forecasting services, delivering advanced disruption management, as well as PASSUR’s unique collaborative airfield management solutions, to any airline, airport or business aviation service provider globally.

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Searidge Technologies

Searidge develops innovative technology to improve safety and efficiency in the aviation market. With technology at over 35 sites in 25 countries, Searidge is a global leader and preferred partner for Digital Towers and Advanced Airport solutions.

The Searidge Digital Tower harnesses the power of ATM data and AI to enhance resilience, capacity and efficiency and is a key building block in the digital airport transformation currently happening at airports around the world. Searidge will integrate Aireon’s space-based ADS-B data directly into its technology platform, providing all the benefits of the Aireon offering to its customers, including ADS-B coverage; enabling access to flight positions and flight status data with continuous coverage all the way to the ground. By integrating Aireon services into the Searidge platform we can enable these features and functions on demand with minimal on-site system change.

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SITA for Aircraft

SITA for Aircraft, a leading specialist in air transport communications and information technology has partnered with FlightAware to deliver Aireon’s space-based ADS-B through their product, SITA for Aircraft AIRCOM FlightTracker.

Through this partnership, SITA for Aircraft provides customers with Aireon’s data through the existing SITA for Aircraft AIRCOM FlightTracker system without the need for new avionics or aircraft modifications. Aireon’s space-based ADS-B data is delivered to SITA for Aircraft via FlightAware, which provides a secure streaming data feed of flight positions and flight status data via a combination of air traffic control data, ground-based ADS-B and aircraft data link information. The solution gathers data from multiple sources, complementing active Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP) Future Air Navigation System activity with additional automatic dependent surveillance-contract connectivity.

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The Weather Company, An IBM Company

The Weather Company, an IBM business, delivers WSI Fusion, a proactive operations management solution that provides early insight into changing flight, airport and airspace conditions.

Aireon’s space-based ADS-B is made available through the WSI Fusion product via FlightAware. This allows its customers to monitor flight progress, proactively manage operations with intelligent alerting, improve operational efficiency, all with a streamlined workflow to maintain situational awareness with the certainty of Aireon’s real-time, global data set.

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