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Aireon, Partners Honored at RAes Ceremony

Project Telstar, an initiative led by Aireon partners NATS UK, NAV Canada and IAA, Air Services Australia and ICAO, was honored by the Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS) for significant contributions to the advancement of aerospace engineering.

The team won a Silver Medal from RAeS “for their innovative introduction of Aireon Space-Based ADS-B technology, safely enabling real-time surveillance while reducing minimum separation standards to increase access to the most fuel-efficient trajectories, making flight operations within the world’s busiest oceanic airspace safer, more predictable, more fuel efficient and more environmentally sustainable for all.”

NATS UK and NAV Canada were among the first air navigation service providers (ANSP) in the world to dedicate resources to the revolutionary space-based ADS-B. Since the service became operational in 2019, ANSPs around the globe have achieved significant operational, safety and environmental improvements.

Aireon honored

“It’s rare that you get to work on a truly transformative project, but this was certainly one of them. It would simply have not been possible without the incredible skill and dedication of people across all the organizations involved, from strategy and concept development, through to operational deployment,” Andy Smith, Head of ATM Evolution and Design at NATS, said. “As a result, today we’re able to deliver a service that’s safer, greener and more predictable for our oceanic customers. It’s an honor to have that work recognized by the Royal Aeronautical Society.”