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Aireon Celebrates International Air Traffic Safety Electronics Personnel Day

Nov. 12 is International Air Traffic Safety Electronics Personnel Day (ATSEP), a day to mark the important contributions of the essential services provided by specialists who are involved in the creation and support of ground-based electronic hardware and software systems used to support air navigation and air traffic management. 

The Aireon team, which includes personnel from partners L3Harris and Iridium, has about 70 ATSEP personnel, each who work to support our global customers’ safety and operational objectives via our ADS-B data products. Competence standards at Aireon require ATSEPs to become fully trained and certified prior to assuming their role. These standards are reinforced with ongoing training, education initiatives and annual certification renewal. 

“We appreciate the contributions of our Aireon and partner ATSEPs in ensuring the smooth and uninterrupted delivery of this important service”, said Charlotte Bue, Aireon ATSEP Training Manager.

“Our profession is an important link in the aviation safety chain, responsible for the complex CNS/ATM technical systems needed for the provision of Air Traffic Control Services. ATSEPs guarantee the Accuracy, Integrity, Availability and Continuity of these systems and services around the globe 24/7 throughout the year,” said the International Federation of Air Traffic Safety Electronics Association (IFATSEA). “Well-trained, qualified, competent and in several states licensed Air Traffic Safety Electronics Personnel, install, maintain, and control all these air traffic control systems to safeguard passengers, aircraft crews, and cargo during their flight, as well as the Safety, Performance, Resilience and smooth operation of the whole aviation system. ATSEP are a key enabler in the safe and efficient provision of Air Navigation Services.”