Space-Based ADS-B Surveillance Improves Trips Over the North Atlantic

The successful collaboration of Aireon, NATS and NAV CANADA ushers in a new era of safety, predictability and efficiency within the North Atlantic, the world’s busiest oceanic airspace. With the deployment of Aireon’s space-based Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (ADS-B) system, NAV CANADA and NATS are setting the standard for implementation around the world.   Read Blog Post

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New Global Flight-Tracking System Could Prevent another MH370 Disappearance Mystery

A new technology may be the solution to preventing another Malaysian Airlines flight 370 disappearance from ever happening again. On Tuesday, Aireon, a Virginia-based global satellite tracking company, unveiled a fully operational global GPS flight tracking system that increases coverage from 30% to 100%. The system will allow for real-time tracking updates to some of the most remote places on the globe. The system is now live in Canada and the UK to manage air traffic across the North Atlantic. Read Full Article

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