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South Africa’s ATNS Starts Operations with Aireon Data

South African air navigation service provider Air Traffic and Navigation Services (ATNS) has taken a technological leap forward in June as it began using Aireon’s space-based Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) in aircraft operations in its airspace.

Since signing on for Aireon data, ATNS has undertaken a thorough and in-depth implementation and testing process to ensure the organization is getting the greatest operational and safety benefits for the airspace. ATNS provides air traffic, navigation, training, and associated services within South Africa and a large part of the Southern Indian and Atlantic Oceans, comprising approximately 6% percent of the world’s airspace.

“The integration of Aireon’s space-based ADS-B data holds tremendous potential for all ANSPs, but particularly for ATNS and its very busy airspace. The start of operational service using Aireon data is a significant achievement for everyone involved. We look forward to many years of continued collaboration,” said Peter Cabooter, Aireon Vice President of Customer Affairs.

“The deployment of space-based ADS-B service strengthens our aspirations and commitment to remain competitive and places us at the forefront of industry change. To this end, we are dedicated to upholding aviation safety and efficiency by harnessing innovation and creating spaces for enabling technologies. This will go a long way to enable ATNS to achieve optimum capacity and thus contribute to industry sustainability and value preservation,” said Nosipho Mdawe, ATNS CEO.