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Aireon Launches ADS-B Performance Report

Rapid Adoption of Aireon’s technology

Aireon, the world’s leader in space-based automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B) data, is introducing the Aireon ADS-B Performance Report, designed to help ANSPs and aircraft operators test the functionality of onboard ADS-B equipment.

With ADS-B, the aircraft broadcasts its position data, and that data is integrated into the Air Traffic Control surveillance system. As part of a cooperative surveillance system, it is critical that ADS-B transponders are providing complete and accurate information to ensure safe operations. With the Aireon ADS-B Performance Report, aircraft operators are able to see if their aircraft transponders are functioning, communicating with the satellites, and as such, complying with any applicable country mandates.

“ADS-B is becoming the safety standard across all of aviation around the globe. The Aireon ADS-B Performance Report allows operators to gain visibility into compliance by ensuring their equipment is operating properly,” said Don Thoma, Aireon CEO.

Launch customer NAV CANADA, which was the first ANSP worldwide to implement space-based ADS-B in its domestic airspace, is integrating the Aireon data into a searchable database on its website, allowing Canadian airspace users to enter their aircraft information to test system functionality. NAV CANADA is deploying a phased approach to its ADS-B compliance, with Class A airspace operations requirements beginning this year, with Class B to follow in 2024.

“As an early adopter of ground-based ADS-B dating back to 2009 and the first ANSP to leverage Aireon’s space-based network, the full deployment in Class A and Class B airspaces represents the next major milestone in the modernization of our surveillance capabilities and of our airspace – which is at the crossroads of an important portion of global traffic,” said Mark Cooper, NAV CANADA’S VP and Chief Technology and Information Officer.

“Aireon’s ADS-B Performance Report will support our customers by allowing them to access timely data on the performance of their ADS-B system and signal. The visibility provided by Aireon ADS-B Performance Report will help us collectively leverage the benefits of ADS-B to support the industry in achieving the safety, efficiency and environmental benefits of this critical surveillance infrastructure,” Cooper added.