Aireon ALERT

In 2018, when Aireon’s space-based Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) system becomes operational, Aireon will offer a public service to the world’s aviation industry for the locating and tracking of ADS-B equipped aircraft in emergency situations. The Aireon Aircraft Locating and Emergency Response Tracking (ALERT) is the aviation industry’s first and only free, global, real-time emergency aircraft location service. Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs), aircraft operators, regulators and search and rescue organizations in need of crucial aircraft location data, can rely on Aireon ALERT to help provide an ADS-B OUT 1090MHz equipped aircraft’s most recently known position. As a free service, Aireon ALERT will fill a critical need, ensuring search and rescue personnel have the most accurate aircraft position data available when responding to an incident, regardless of global location.

Aireon ALERT will utilize Aireon’s space-based ADS-B data and will be operated by the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA). The Aireon ALERT 24/7 communications facility is located at IAA’s North Atlantic Communications Centre in Ballygirreen, Ireland. Aireon ALERT users do not have to be customers of Aireon or IAA. All users simply have to register for the free, emergency service.

Why is Aireon ALERT needed?

Before the AireonSM space-based ADS-B system, real-time aircraft tracking and surveillance was not possible for the entire planet. Remote, oceanic and polar regions had little-to-no real-time air traffic surveillance. This was not just a tremendous inefficiency, but had safety, financial and environmental consequences. As a result, the ability to know the location of an aircraft in distress, while over remote or oceanic airspace is a new, invaluable asset, especially in emergency situations where just a few minutes of time can make a difference.

Pre-registration for Aireon ALERT will be begin in August 2018.

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