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Customer Collaboration, Cooperation Key to Success for Aireon

Nearly 50 representatives from ASECNA attended the Aireon air traffic management training in Ivory Coast.

Aviation, at its core, is a collaborative industry, with our collective success contingent upon productive working relationships. At Aireon, we take our position as part of this vibrant and essential industry very seriously. And we work hard every day to support our customers’ safety and operational missions.

A key driver of this is customer training and feedback. Our teams around the world interact with our customers and partners to continuously improve their experience with Aireon’s world-class data. Sometimes that interaction is virtual; our 24-7, 365 Customer Service Desk is just a phone call or email away. But often that interaction is best served by an in-person training, as evidenced by a recent customer training event in Africa.

In April, an Aireon team conducted a training activity with ASECNA in the Ivory Coast, specifically related to the implementation of the AireonFLOW air traffic management data stream. ASECNA, an African ANSP consisting of 18 member countries, has been a big supporter of space-based automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B) since the technology’s early days.

ASECNA is one of the world’s first operational customers of AireonFLOW air traffic management product, which provides ANSPs with a single source of reliable and timely position data for better demand prediction capabilities for traffic in airspace and at airports. AireonFLOW can be integrated into an ANSP’s automation platforms to provide an even better user experience.  . In this unique ATFM implementation by ASECNA, Metron is subcontracted to Aireon to supply their cloud- based Horizon ATFM system. This will enable ASECNA to perform centralized ATFM from Dakar for the entire ASECNA airspace (18 countries) while still enabling all countries and stakeholders to have access to the ATFM system.

AireonFLOW Product Manager Stuard Ratcliffe presents operational scenarios to the ASECNA team.

The four-day event included a variety of customer training topics, and included vital collaboration between ASECNA representatives, Aireon, and Metron Aviation to ensure the customer can effectively utilize all the benefits of the integrated system. ASECNA representatives (including operational ATCOs) were able participate in simulated scenarios to understand how, the theory of ATFM and the Metron system, coupled with the Aireon data, is applied in an operational environment.

With subject matter experts, students learnt all the functionalities of the ATFM system and were able to ask questions, troubleshoot issues, and learn how to use the system in their operational environment.

A big thank you goes out to the ASECNA team for their time during the training. The Aireon team is continually inspired by your dedication to innovation and safety.