AireonSTREAM Brochure

A robust, high-fidelity dataset is a vital component in supporting safe and efficient traffic flow management through various airspaces around the world. AireonSTREAM is a set of APIs that enable stakeholders to access Aireon’s high-fidelity, low-latency, 100 percent coverage Air Traffic Service (ATS) surveillance-grade data.


AireonFLOW Brochure

A robust, high-fidelity and complete dataset is a vital component in supporting the safe, efficient and effective flow of air traffic through various airspaces and aerodromes. Support tools and enhanced situational awareness requirements necessary to meet these needs are increasing the demand for data, in particular, reliable, real-time position of aircraft beyond the Flight Information … Read more


AireonINSIGHTS Brochure

A single source, high-fidelity dataset is a vital component of efficient and safe AirTraffic Management (ATM). Support tools are necessary to meet the needs of an evolving industry, creating a demand for world-wide reliable aircraft position data.