COCESNA Case Study

With Aireon, COCESNA will have complete surveillance coverage in the entirety of its airspace. Space-based ADS-B data will allow COCESNA to remove bottleneck waypoints in places previously managed by procedural routing. COCESNA seeks to lead neighboring Central, South American, and Caribbean States to implement space-based ADS-B. Broad adoption by and regional cooperation of ANSPs with … Read more

DC-ANSP-Aireon Case Study

The Dutch Caribbean Air Navigation Service Provider (DC-ANSP) manages air traffic services within the Curaçao flight information region (FIR). Covering over 300,000 square kilometers, Curaçao FIR is adjacent to Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica and Colombia, which requires DC-ANSP to manage traffic of critical routes between the United States, Central America, South America, … Read more

AAI-Aireon Case Study

Space-based ADS-B will cost-effectively provide coverage for the six million square kilometers of airspace in Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata oceanic regions. Implementation of space-based ADS-B will enable ATC to utilize enhanced safety tools and reduce separation of aircraft in this dense airspace, allowing for the efficient growth of capacity, while substantially reducing risk through the … Read more

NAV CANADA-Aireon Case Study

NAV CANADA will implement Aireon initially in its North Atlantic operations. Using the real-time surveillance data and the current communication capabilities in the North Atlantic, the initial goal is to apply 15NM longitudinal and lateral separation between surveillance-identified aircraft flying anywhere in the North Atlantic. View Brochure (288 KB)