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A Day In The Life: Orlando Alvarez

Learn more about Aireon from the Aireon team themselves. This series, “A Day in The Life,” will allow the Aireon team to speak first-hand about their experiences, views, and future outlook on space-based ADS-B.  Aireon is proud of our extraordinary team of experts and aim to highlight them in this blog series. We hope you enjoy meeting the Aireon team and further understand our strong commitment to aviation.

My name is Orlando Alvarez and I’m the Director of Business Systems and IT for Aireon. I’m responsible for the direction of Corporate IT operations including the implementation of Aireon’s Business System to support billing for Corporate Finance and Accounting activities.

I was born in Peru and moved to the United States over 16 years ago. I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Systems Engineering with specializations in Finance and Accounting, and have Master of Business Administration from University of North Carolina Chapel Hill.

This is my first experience in the Aviation industry and I am very excited to be part of this exciting organization. While still learning about space-based Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) and its transformative potential, I am fascinated by the passion and energy that the Aireon team devotes to the implementation of our core systems. The sense of belonging is embodied in each one of us and through our actions.

In addition to managing corporate IT operations, I’m also the Product Manager for Aireon’s future value-added services, which will leverage Aireon’s comprehensive, global data set of ADS-B aircraft movements.

I believe that surveillance and monitoring is just the beginning of space-based ADS-B. The larger impact of ADS-B is to come through the Internet of Things (IoT). It could open the door to massive opportunities for aviation-related companies. I believe that IoT is the enablement of an entire new way of thinking which gives companies the ability to exploit real-time data and turn insights into competitive advantages and new business models.

Aireon’s unprecedent streams of real-time aircraft location and movements will allow advanced analytics for airlines, airports, and Air Traffic Controllers. It will drive effective decision-making and deliver continuous enhancements in operational service and costs.

This is an extremely exciting time to be a part of this groundbreaking company.