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uAvionix Releases Independent Analysis of tailBeaconX Performance Operating With Space-Based ADS-B


uAvionix Corporation today released an independent report created by Capital Sciences, LLC and endorsed by Aireon LLC, comparing the performance of its TSO-certified tailBeaconX transponder to traditional diversity transponders when tracked by Aireon’s space-based ADS-B orbital network. The report concluded the following: “This analysis shows that tailBeaconX performs very similarly to traditional diversity transponders […]. Both transponder types meet the threshold values of ED-129B in airspaces where Aireon data is likely to be the only surveillance source available. Read Full Article

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FAA Chief Sees ‘Straightforward’ Boeing 737 MAX Electrical Fix


WASHINGTON (Reuters) -The head of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) told a U.S. House panel that an electrical issue that grounded about 100 Boeing 737 MAX planes last month worldwide appeared to be a “pretty straightforward fix.” FAA Administrator Steve Dickson told the U.S. House Appropriations subcommittee overseeing transportation that he was fully confident in the safety of the MAX that returned to service after being grounded for 20 months following two fatal crashes in five months. Read Full Article

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GADSS: Where Are We Now?


The aircraft tracking element of the ICAO’s Global Aeronautical Distress & Safety System (GADSS) initiative has consisted of multiple phases since its inception following the loss of MH 370. Phase one was that related to aircraft tracking, this was followed by phase two on autonomous distress tracking, the latter phase is the one on which international rule making is currently concentrated. Real Full Article

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Newer Planes Are Providing Airlines a Trove of Useful Data


With few flights and even fewer passengers, the coronavirus pandemic unleashed a wave of challenges for airlines. Some have gone out of business and others are barely surviving as global passenger volume hovers at around 50 percent of 2019 levels. Without passengers to fill them, airlines have been retiring their older aircraft faster than normal. The more than 1,400 planes airplanes parked in 2020 that might not return to service is more than twice as many aircraft as would customarily be retired in a single year, according to a 10-year aviation…

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