Aireon’s space-based Automatic-Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) system will be a new global data feed that can provide precise and timely information on aircraft arriving and departing to airports. This allows airport operations to become more predictable while reducing surface, arrival and departure delays.  All facets coming together will provide situational awareness and improve resource and facility allocations through the utilization of real-time surveillance data.

Reduced Delays and Improved Airport Efficiency

  • More predictable operations through timely updates on aircraft arrival times
    • Improved gate /terminal utilization through reduced ground delays
  • Extension of an airline’s ability for Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) with Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) in currently procedural airspace
    • Fewer missed connection rates by prioritizing high value inbound flights
  • Reduced metering/Air Traffic Control (ATC) delays through improved integration of oceanic crossing

Safety and Environmental Benefits

  • Reduction in Airport Rescue and Firefighter (ARFF) response times in unsurveilled airports
  • Access to precise historical flight tracking data to improve noise management
  • Fewer ground holds when trying to access oceanic airspace