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Aireon Goes Live! North Atlantic Trials Mark New Chapter for Aviation

Aireon, the first ever real-time, global air traffic surveillance system, is now fully operational and in trial use over the North Atlantic.

This historic milestone ushers in a new era of safety and efficiency that will revolutionise the way people fly as, for the first time, air traffic controllers will have real-time data on the position of aircraft anywhere in the world – including previously unsurveilled airspace.

Aireon’s space-based Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (ADS-B) system provides real-time air traffic surveillance and tracking to 100 per cent of ADS-B equipped aircraft around the world.

Prior to Aireon’s system entering into service, traditional ground-based surveillance covered just 30 per cent of the globe, meaning civil aviation authorities, commercial carriers and related industry stakeholders relied upon position updates from aircraft every 10-14 minutes to track aircraft outside of radar coverage, not the real-time updates that the Aireon service provides.

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