Dr. Peter Kearney


Dr. Peter Kearney was appointed as Chief Executive of AirNav Ireland in June 2018. Placing innovation at the core of his leadership, Peter is keen to ensure that AirNav Ireland delivers best in class service to its customers and stakeholders and is regarded as a leader in the Irish aviation sector and amongst small to medium Air Navigation Services Providers (ANSPs).

Prior to being promoted to this role, Peter held a number of positions within the ANSP.  As Director of ATM Operations and Strategy between 2012 and 2018, Peter was responsible for all aspects of AirNav’s commercial ANSP business. In this role, Peter ensured the company continued to deliver a safe, high quality service whilst also growing AirNav’s commercial revenue in a sustainable manner.

Peter has worked with the ANSP since 1998, holding various management positions and also working initially as an Air Traffic Controller. He has a strong interest in innovation in ATM, being heavily involved in Aireon, AirNav Irelands investment in the world’s first satellite-based air traffic surveillance system.

Committed to strategic collaboration, Peter has been a strong supporter of COOPANS, AirNav’s world leading partnership with Naviair, LFV, AustroControl, Croatia Control and now Nav Portugal.  He is currently Chairman of the A6 Alliance, an inclusive initiative for ANSP contribution to modernising the European ATM system. In 2024, Peter will take over chairmanship of the Eurocontrol  Air Navigation Services Board.

Peter represents AirNav Ireland at a range of European and international fora, including ICAO, CANSO, EUROCONTROL and EASA and in negotiations with the European Commission. 

Peter holds a Masters in Human Factors and Safety Assessment in Aeronautics from Cranfield University and a BSc. (hons) Business Management from Trinity College Dublin.  Peter is also a graduate of Harvard Business School.

Peter has a PhD in Future Air Traffic Management Systems. His PhD research focussed on the design and deployment of advanced ATM systems to ensure enhanced safety and efficiency of the air traffic management system by placing the air traffic controller at the heart of the design.

Peter Kearney

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