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By Peter Cabooter, Aireon VP of Customer Affairs The aviation industry is recognizing and doing its part to reduce its collective impact on the environment. Industry groups, regulatory agencies and individual companies have all identified environmental initiatives as one of, if not the top, priority in 2022 and beyond. According to ICAO, global aviation industry contributes about 2 percent of manmade CO2 emissions. But that number will increase as air traffic increases. Industry associations and companies have made pledges to reduce their overall environmental footprint in the coming years. Those…

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Iceland’s Isavia ANS Goes All-In on Space-Based ADS-B


Isavia ANS, Iceland’s Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP), has achieved new levels of operational efficiency with expanded use of data from Aireon, the global leader in space-based ADS-B for enhanced air traffic surveillance and aviation data analytics. The ANSP is now using Aireon data for all sections of its airspace. Isavia ANS has been at the forefront of ADS-B surveillance since 2014 when it first went operational with ground-based data. Isavia ANS has continued its modernization of surveillance with a successful partnership with Aireon, going operational with Aireon data in…

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Aireon, Cirium Form Data Partnership


Aireon, the global leader in space-based ADS-B for enhanced air traffic surveillance and aviation data analytics, has entered into a partnership with Cirium, the aviation analytics company, bringing together two world-class data sets for airspace stakeholders, creating the most complete end-to-end view of flights, anywhere in the world. Cirium will gain access to Aireon’s real-time data service product, AireonSTREAM. AireonSTREAM is the world’s first and only global source of ATS grade surveillance data, which will enable Cirium to utilize the most precise and accurate global data available. At the same…

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Hong Kong’s Successful Implementation Service Acceptance Test (ISAT)


The Civil Aviation Department of Hong Kong (CAD) has plans to deploy space-based ADS-B to provide Air Traffic Service (ATS) surveillance services with a contract awarded to Aireon in August 2020. CAD Hong Kong manages more than 400,000 aircraft landing and departing at the Hong Kong International airport annually on top of overflights passing though the flight information region (FIR). Just months following, we are excited to share that Hong Kong has successfully passed an Implementation Service Acceptance Test (ISAT). An ISAT is a test of a new customer’s connection…

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