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Through a unique data partnership with Aireon, Airbus offers a global and highly precise view of air traffic in real-time. Airbus has a Distribution Partnership for Aireon’s space-based ADS-B data to reach aircraft operators and aviation service providers, in addition to a Channel Partnership that includes web-based dashboards.

Airbus delivers enhanced situational awareness services for improved real-time operations and decision making in aviation. Airbus combines multiple sources of global aviation data with Airbus aerospace expertise to offer the following products:

  1. Tracking – Multi-sourced, global surveillance data streams, processed in a unique quality framework to provide extended and enhanced situational awareness
  2. Events – Customized flight-event data streams and notifications in real-time, ensuring actionable intelligence for quick decision making in a dynamic environment. (Examples: Pushback, Take-Off, CDO/CCO, TMA entry, Top-of-descent, Holding, Go-around, Taxiing)
  3. Analytics – Historic; live and predictive analytics for performance reporting, live monitoring and optimization of customer operations. (Examples: Benchmark KPIs, Predicted Time of Arrival, Gate optimization, TMA Efficiencies, IROPS KPIs)
  4. Delivery – Airbus services can be delivered via data streaming, API or web-based dashboards. Airbus can be integrated into existing customer applications. Airbus can be combined with other Airbus offerings to provide an end-to-end solution.

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