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Wall Street Journal: U.S. Joining Global Push Allowing Cargo Shipments in Passenger Jet Cabins


U.S. air-safety regulators, seeking to make it easier for airlines to ramp up transportation of cargo aimed at combating the pandemic, are poised to allow such shipments in the cabins of passenger planes, according to people familiar with the issue. The new guidance is slated to be issued in the coming days, they said, and is expected to resemble earlier moves by carriers and foreign aviation authorities from Canada to Ethiopia and the Middle East. Normally, operating restrictions and aircraft structural limits mean passenger jets must put all cargo in…

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CANSO and Aireon Announce Data-Driven Partnership to Understand COVID-19 Impact on Aviation Industry


Today, the Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation (CANSO) and Aireon announced an initiative to produce data-driven insights and analysis to better understand how COVID-19 is impacting a broad range of stakeholders within the aviation industry, with a particular emphasis on how the pandemic is impacting the Air Traffic Management (ATM) and the flow of essential goods and services.

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The Decade of Space-Based ADS-B


For years, we’ve talked about how big data and technology are transforming the nature of every industry, from manufacturing to logistics and energy. The depth of real-time and historical data has completely disrupted these sectors. Yet, amid all of these conversations, an industry we routinely think of as being the most technologically advanced has significantly lagged behind in one critical regard…

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