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Aireon at Airports and Beyond

Aireon’s robust, high-fidelity data is making incredible improvements to Air Traffic Surveillance around the world – but what about flights that are not in-flight? If an aircraft has its transponder on at an airport, anywhere around the world, can Aireon receivers see to the ground on the runway? Absolutely. Aireon’s space-based ADS-B system receives data for any aircraft equipped with 1090 MHz / ADS-B equipped vehicles from the ground, up to a ceiling of 127,500 feet above ground level.

By combining Aireon’s data with customizable events and alerts, airports and other aviation stakeholders have access to a singular data feed that provides contextual flight information to leverage the data to its full potential. This eliminates the need to set up, manage and maintain separate datasets, in turn, providing a single source of input to drive decision and operational readiness platforms. All-in-all, simplifying processes, improving efficiency and safety and making for smoother operations.

Check out this animation of one hour of data at Denver International Airport.  Look closely – focus on one aircraft at a time! It is fascinating to see aircraft smoothly landing and taking off.

Now, take a look at Chicago O’Hare International Airport. It’s so neat to see the aircraft taxiing down the runway, all the while flights are coming and going like business as usual.

Aireon continues to explore the possibilities of what aviation functions our data can support. With such a powerful data set, the future of aviation safety and analyzing historical data for more efficient processes for airports, airlines and other aviation stakeholders is looking bright. What visualizations do you want to see next!?