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Aireon, EUROCONTROL Mark First Anniversary of Partnership

Aireon CEO Don Thoma, left, and Iacopo Prissinotti, EUROCONTROL Director of Network Management Directorate, celebrate the one-year anniversary of data partnership.

Aireon and EUROCONTROL are commemorating the first anniversary of their successful partnership, marking one year since the agency integrated Aireon’s real-time air traffic surveillance data into its Network Manager’s (NM) Enhanced Traffic Flow Management System (ETFMS).

The integration of the data significantly boosts air traffic predictability by up to 20%, improving operational efficiency and resilience while unlocking capacity for the future that will help reduce environmental impacts.

The high-fidelity data, refreshed every 60 seconds, covers air traffic across all 41 EUROCONTROL Member States as well as Israel and Morocco, EUROCONTROL’s two Comprehensive Assessment States, in addition to all traffic inbound EUROCONTROL area from an area of 6 hours horizon, peripheral zones stretching as far as the Middle East and North America.

“EUROCONTROL was the first provider to use space-based ADS-B for flow management, and they are seeing significant operational benefits of the data,” said Don Thoma, CEO, Aireon. “I want to thank EUROCONTROL management for their leadership on this effort.”