World ATM Congress 2017

From Concept to Operations:
Testing and Validation of Live Aireon Data

Aireon Spotlight Stage

Tuesday, 7 March 2017 – 1:00PM – 2:00PM

With a successful first launch under our belt and 10 Iridium NEXT satellites in orbit, Aireon is beginning the historic deployment of the world’s first global space-based ADS-B air traffic surveillance network. The first 90 days’ post-launch are a critical time for Aireon, as the system goes through a rigorous process of initial testing and validation using live data.

During this crucial time, Aireon is partnering with leaders in air traffic management such as Thales and the Irish Aviation Authority to support third party verification and validation. With their assistance, Aireon will ensure seamless integration into automation platforms, allowing operations centers to use the data as soon as the Aireon service is operational in 2018.

This presentation will bring in the world’s largest automation platform provider, Thales, to discuss how their TopSky-ATC platform will visualize space-based ADS-B data. The Irish Aviation Authority will talk about their expertise in the testing of the data and how a seamless integration with the COOPANS automation system, powered by TopSky-ATC, will be the operational foundation for their successful deployment of real-time, global air traffic surveillance.

With a robust infrastructure and the application of cutting-edge data validation techniques, Aireon is well equipped to ensure a best-in-class customer and partner experience. Aireon will also provide a special data preview – this will be the first public glimpse. Don’t miss it!

Presentation Speakers

  • pic-capezzuto

    Vincent Capezzuto

    Chief Technical Officer & Vice President, Engineering

  • pic-donovan

    Todd Donovan

    VP, Strategy & Marketing
    Air Traffic Management

  • pic-kearney

    Peter Kearney

    Director ATM
    Operation & Strategy
    Irish Aviation Authority