Unified African Airspace: the Eastern Africa Use Case

Webinar Abstract

Aireon’s space-based ADS-B service provides Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) with the capability to surveil aircraft in real time seamlessly across any terrain without any added ground equipment. Aireon’s service supports the initiative to unite the African sky through optimizing corridors, providing tools to further enhance safety and provides consummate support for deployment of operations.

Optimizing Corridors

By providing complete surveillance coverage, aircraft can fly the most direct flights across any terrain. This, in turn, provides a substantial benefits for ANSPs, airlines, air traffic controllers, passengers and beyond. More direct flights result in fuel savings, shorter flight times and more efficient operations. Because space-based ADS-B does not have the same limitations as traditional ground-based radar and is a single data source, communication between neighboring Flight Information Regions (FIRs) becomes more efficient and seamless for controllers.

An Operational Approach

Join Aireon and experts from ASECNA and the Airports Authority of India (AAI) to discuss the unique operational approaches utilizing space-based ADS-B that are being used by current Aireon customers. Aireon experts will speak on the most recent updates to the system and highlighting the safety benefits of the system for Air Traffic Services (ATS) surveillance use.

Our ASECNA presenters will speak about the simple steps they took to integrate Aireon data into their Air Traffic Control (ATM) automation platform and what benefits and improvements they have seen since going live with the service. The East Africa /Indian oceanic scenario will be analyzed, with possible optimizations to be deployed in the Madagascar-Mumbai corridor.

We hope you can join the webinar to learn how simple an operational approach to space-based ADS-B can be. The immediate benefits already being recorded by current customers are positively impacting more efficient operations, improving safety processes and uniting a single African sky and beyond.


Shri. Arvind Asija and Shri. Sandeep D. Joshi
Joint General Managers, Mumbai ACC, AAI

Louis Bakienon
Director Operations, ASECNA

Michele Carandente
Regional Director, EMEA, Aireon

Rasoamanana Harilalaina
Chief of Antananarivo ACC