A Customized Approach to Space-Based ADS-B Implementation

Webinar Abstract

Aireon’s space-based ADS-B air traffic surveillance system is a first of its kind, ground-breaking technology that is paving the way for the future of air traffic control. Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) now have the flexibility to adjust their operations and make improvements to safety and efficiency, without overspending. Aireon’s service is a simple and cost-effective solution for ANSPs to impact their airspace positively with real-time surveillance, accurate data reports and a hands-on customer service team to guide them through the technical implementation and regional regulations.

In this webinar, Aireon experts and operational customers of Aireon will speak on the positive impacts seen thus far with the use of space-based ADS-B.  Aireon’s Implementation Engineering Manager, Keith Fenton will walk through the steps of implementing the system on a set timeline and custom approach for our individual customers. Being a global company, we know that no airspace is alike – each ANSP is unique with different requirements, tools, and challenges.

Roger Perez, CNS Manager from COCESNA, who earlier this year completed a successful remote Implementation Service Acceptance Test (ISAT), will join the webinar and share their experiences on their journey to deploying space-based ADS-B with Aireon. In this webinar we will also host NAV CANADA, the first ANSP to deploy Aireon’s space-based ADS-B system. Doug Dillon, NAV CANADA’s General Manager for the Gander Flight Information Region will present on what benefits and positive impacts the service has made to the North Atlantic operations, as the ANSP approaches nearly two years of operations with the Aireon service. ASECNA’s Director of Operations, Louis Bakienon will also be in attendance to present on the seamless integration of Aireon’s data into ASECNA’s Air Traffic Control (ATC) system, which has united the African sky with a simple deployment across the entirety of the ASECNA FIR.

The operational usage of the system will be presented with discussions around the performance of the system itself, potential additional uses beyond aircraft separation, such as regional air traffic flow management, common situational awareness, contingency, and more.

*Please note that this webinar will be in English.


Ana Persiani
Regional Director, Latin America and Caribbean, Aireon


Louis Bakienon
Director of Operations, ASECNA

Doug Dillon
General Manager for the Gander Flight Information Region, NAV CANADA

Keith Fenton
Implementation Engineering Manager, Aireon

Roger Perez