Digital Style Guide.

Transforming the way you see the sky

Aireon operates the first ever, space-based air traffic surveillance system for Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) equipped aircraft throughout the entire globe. Aireon harnesses next-generation aviation surveillance technologies that were formerly ground-based and extends their reach throughout the world to significantly improve efficiency, enhance safety, reduce emissions and provide cost savings benefits to all stakeholders. Aireon’s high-fidelity, low-latency surveillance data is available for various applications, allowing aerospace industry partners access to revolutionary data capabilities that enhance asset tracking, aircraft situational awareness and decision support analytical tools. In partnership with leading ANSPs from around the world, like NAV CANADA, Enav, NATS, the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) and Naviair, as well as Iridium Communications, Aireon provides global, real-time, space-based aircraft data for enhanced air traffic surveillance, innovation and analytics. For more information, please visit

Official Logomark

Logo 1A


Whenever possible, use this official version of the logo. This version should always have the R attached. Note that the elipse has a subtle gradient.
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Logo 1B


This version of the logo is for inverted use on dark backgrounds. Do not attempt to recreate the gradient, simply use a solid color—almost always white.
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Brand Colors

The brand colors for the mark consist of carefully selected colors, designed to stand out across the competitive set. These colors should almost never be deviated from in primary usage applications.

Primary Colors

Color Space Blue
RGB: R 0 / G 95 / B 174
CMYK: C 100 / M 45 / Y 0 / K 32
HEX: #005FAE
Pantone: Egyptian Blue
Color Night Sky
RGB: R 25 / G 41 / B 84
CMYK: C 70 / M 51 / Y 35 / K 67
HEX: #192954
Pantone: Galactica
Color Rocket Gray
RGB: R 88 / G 88 / B 91
CMYK: C 3 / M 3 / Y 0 / K 64
HEX: #58585B
Pantone: 174-14 U

Secondary Colors

Color Blue Marble
RGB: R 75 / G 199 / B 236
CMYK: C 68 / M 16 / Y 0 / K 7
Pantone: 305 U
Color Ignition
RGB: R 255 / G 140 / B 0
CMYK: C 0 / M 44 / Y 100 / K 30
HEX: #FF9000
Pantone: 151 C
Color Star Bright
RGB: R 242 / G 216 / B 68
CMYK: C 0 / M 11 / Y 72 / K 5
HEX: #F2D844
Pantone: 7404 C
Color Terra Firma
RGB: R 167 / G 197 / B 57
CMYK: C 15 / M 0 / Y 71 / K 23
HEX: #A7C539
Pantone: 2300 C
Color Very Violet
RGB: R 130 / G 40 / B 235
CMYK: C 45 / M 83 / Y 0 / K 8
HEX: #8228EB
Pantone: 266

Approved Typography

The brand relies on a simple, humanistic, and geometric font pairing for nearly every application—web or print.

Primary Font


Proxima Nova




Typical Digital Specifications

  • font-size: 16px
  • line-height: 24px (1.5x font-size)
  • font-weight: 400
  • color: #555555

Approved Illustrations

These highly stylized, textured, scenes help to tell the brand story. The library of illustrations is available on Dropbox. Please do not attempt to create new ones that deviate from this style.

Illustration of a plane. Illustration of a plane. Illustration of a satellite. Illustration of a plane over the ocean. Illustration of a plane. Illustration of a plane. Illustration of a satellite launch. Illustration of the earch. Illustration of an airplane cockpit. Illustration of airplanes and paths around a globe. Abstract illustration with lines starting horizontal and turning vertical. Abstract illustration with magnifying glass and graphs

Approved Photography

The most important thing with photography is to be factually correct. Many stock images are staged or edited, and show a non-existant plane or cockpit. It’s important to be real. High contrast, strong depth of field, and correctness.

Photo of a plane. Woman in Airport Terminal Photo of a air traffic controllers.
Photo of air traffic dashboard. Photo of a plane landing on runway at night.

Follow the Grid

This grid is specifically for website components, but all creative elements should follow a strict grid in this style.

12 Column Grid (72px columns & 32px gutter)

Form Elements

Form elements need to be consistent across all web properties.

Text inputs

With icon

With Icon - Right Side (e.g. Search)

Text Inputs with labels



Radio Buttons

Toggle Buttons