Commercial Services

Aireon continues to rapidly grow its customer base and expand the possibilities of use for its data. This growth is driven by the fact that Aireon provides the first-ever global set of historic and real-time ATC-grade data on aircraft movements. This technology has the potential to transform the way they approach safety, efficiency, separation services and overall customer experience. 


Data Available Currently

Aireon’s services empower partnering organizations in the aviation industry in an understandable and readable format, as well as deliver derived information from the data. This capability provides partners with the only independent, certified, surveillance-quality, aircraft position data with global coverage. Partners gain full transparency into the Aireon-owned ADS-B system to guarantee traceability of highly accurate, highly reliable flight position information, which reduces the need to manage multiple, disparate data sources.

The Aireon Solution

The Aireon data now goes beyond ATS surveillance and Aireon’s partners can utilize this unparalleled and unprecedented information to support their business and safety processes. Through advanced data fusion methodologies and the integration of Aireon’s data with other contextual data, Aireon presents the only ATS surveillance-quality and complete flight position source available.