Sales Engineer – Implementation


The Systems Engineer will have a significant role in the deployment, testing, specification and design review of the Aireon space-based Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) air traffic surveillance system.  Reporting to the Implementation Engineering Manager, the Systems Engineer will be involved with all phases of the systems engineering life cycle: Requirements, Design, Implementation and Test.  Additionally, they will be conducting tests at customer and vendor sites, participating in trade studies, evaluating applications and analyzing data.  The Systems Engineer will be encouraged to innovate and ensure that key technical milestones are met.

This individual will also collaborate in the technical and development activities of Aireon development partners, including Iridium (the payload procurement manager, payload development and integration technical manager, the Hosted Payload Operations Center (HPOC) developer and operator and the host satellite services provider), Harris (the payload supplier, the systems engineering contractor, the Aireon Processing and Distribution (APD) system provider and operator).  The System Engineer will also develop peer relationships with engineers from other overseas ANSPs in the support of sales activities around the world.  This includes the conduct of site surveys, customer technical evaluations, supporting conferences and symposiums, and answering technical question is support of sales activities.  The main objective is to ensure after the sale that the Aireon understands the customer requirements and the system meets those requirements and the performance levels.