A Safer, More Efficient Airspace with Space-Based ADS-B

Webinar Abstract

Aireon’s space-based ADS-B service provides ANSPs across the world with the capability to surveil aircraft in real-time, seamlessly across any terrain without ground-based equipment. The Aireon service supports the initiative to for a common ground-independent layer of surveillance across vast Flight Information Regions (FIRs) managed by multiple ANSPs for more efficient, safe processes. In addition to air traffic surveillance services, the data now has capabilities to support other initiatives like Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM), airport monitoring and beyond.

Air Traffic Surveillance

By providing complete surveillance coverage, aircraft can fly the most direct flights across any terrain. More direct routes result in fuel savings, shorter flight times and more efficient operations. Due to the fact that space-based ADS-B does not have the same limitations as traditional ground-based sensors, and is a single data source, communications between neighboring regions becomes more efficient and seamless for controllers.

Data for Expanded ATM Use

Though advanced data mechanisms, Aireon now integrates a robust set of aviation data sources and derived metrics into its unique ADS-B data, accessible for customers through new products: AireonSTREAM™, AireonINSIGHTS™ and AireonFLOW™. Aireon’s newest products access both real-time and historical aircraft data, bringing incredible benefits to aviation stakeholders through new uses and integrations.

During this webinar, Aireon speakers will discuss use cases for the robust, global dataset for surveillance use and uses beyond traditional air traffic control.  We hope you can join us for this one-and-a-half-hour event to learn how space-based ADS-B can improve your operations.  The immediate benefits are already being recorded by current customers and positively impacting more efficient operations, improving safety processes and allowing the industry to rethink the approach to air traffic surveillance.


Picture of Michele Carandente
Michele Carandente
Regional Director, EMEA,  Aireon
Picture of Chris Devlin
Chris Devlin
Director of Product Management, Aireon