Regional Focus: Space-Based ADS-B applications in Asia Pacific: A more dynamic, collaborative and harmonised future

Webinar Abstract

The APAC region is one like no other, with millions of square kilometres of oceanic airspace, mountains, jungle, archipelagos, all combined with some of the densest traffic in the world.

In conjunction with the CANSO Asia Pacific Conference 2021, Aireon is hosting a workshop detailing the latest system status and performance, new product offerings and how Aireon’s data is being applied to various operational scenarios in APAC and throughout the world.

Experts will discuss the benefits of space-based ADS-B and how it can provide greater situational awareness, support procedural air traffic control, reduce pilot/ATC workload, and act as an overall safety net to back existing surveillance processes. Some of Aireon’s regional customers will also be special guests, and will offer their insight into the deployment of space-based ADS-B for air traffic surveillance, air traffic flow management, data sharing and cross-border collaboration.

We hope you can join Aireon, CANSO and our customers for a collaborative learning event. Space-based ADS-B can bring the global aviation community together and solve the issues of tomorrow with the solutions of today, enabling a more dynamic, collaborative, and harmonized future.