EUROCONTROL’s Deployment of Aireon’s Space-Based ADS-B for Flow Management: A Technical Overview

Webinar Abstract

Aireon data allows EUROCONTROL’s Network Manager to expand capacity, operational efficiencies and environmental impacts – supporting future sustainable growth

In February 2020, EUROCONTROL and Aireon signed an agreement to deploy space-based ADS-B to enhance Network Manager’s flow management capabilities across 41 European Member States and two Comprehensive Agreement (CA) States contributing to improve predictability, capacity and reduce the environmental impact. In April 2021, EUROCONTROL announced full operational deployment. In a major operational enhancement of the EUROCONTROL Network Manager’s (NM) operational systems, Aireon’s real-time air traffic surveillance data derived has now been integrated into NM’s Enhanced Traffic Flow Management System (ETFMS). The new data will significantly boost air traffic predictability by up to 20%, improving operational efficiency and resilience while unlocking capacity for the future that will help reduce environmental impacts.

The new high-fidelity data, refreshed every 60 seconds, will cover not only air traffic across all 41 EUROCONTROL Member States as well as Israel and Morocco, EUROCONTROL’s two Comprehensive Assessment States, but also peripheral zones stretching as far as the Middle East and North America.

Aireon’s data will also be integrated in EUROCONTROL’s new system called iNM, which will implement incremental updates to all of EUROCONTROL’s operational systems and digital infrastructure, over the course of this decade.

Please join Aireon and EUROCONTROL’s leading technical experts for a webinar detailing how, why, what and what’s next, as they move forward with broad-organizational use of space-based ADS-B.


Picture of Iacapo Prissinotti
Iacapo Prissinotti
Director Network Management, EUROCONTROL
Picture of Don Thoma
Don Thoma
Chief Executive Officer
Picture of Peter Naets
Peter Naets
Strategic Technical Advisor to Director Network Manager, EUROCONTROL
Picture of Christos Rekkas
Christos Rekkas
Head of Surveillance Domain, EUROCONTROL
Picture of Philippe Waroquiers
Philippe Waroquiers
Development Leader of Flight and Flow Applications, EUROCONTROL
Picture of Michele Carandente
Michele Carandente
Deputy Vice President of Air Traffic Services, Aireon