Ask Me Anything (AMA) with Aireon Executive Team

Webinar Abstract

Join us for a live virtual “ask me anything (AMA)” with the Aireon executive team.  We will be collecting questions from the public in advance of the live event. We invite you to submit questions through the link listen on this page for our executive team or simply listen in and learn.

It’s been a long year without being able to network and see our partners and friends face-to-face at industry conferences and events. Our hope with this virtual AMA is to provide a platform for us to converse more casually about a wide range of topics regarding Aireon.

The process is simple. Submit your questions in advance and we will answer them live! If we do not have the chance to answer your question live, please include your contact information and someone from our team will follow up with you after the live session.

Click here to submit your question for the live event. 


Picture of Don Thoma
Don Thoma
Chief Executive Officer
Picture of Peter Cabooter
Peter Cabooter
Vice President of Customer Affairs
Picture of Vincent Capezzuto
Vincent Capezzuto
Chief Technology Officer and Vice President, Engineering
Picture of Rich Nyren
Rich Nyren
Chief Financial Officer