Airports Authority of India and Aireon Live Announcement

Webinar Abstract

Join Airports Authority of India (AAI) and Aireon virtually for an exciting announcement this Friday, January 29 at 17:00 IST (7:30am ET).

It has been 18 months since AAI and Aireon signed a contract to deploy space-based ADS-B surveillance across the Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata oceanic airspaces. As the third-largest airspace in the world, AAI as an Air Navigation Service Provider has made significant strides to accommodate air traffic growth, enhance safety and improve efficiency across high-density Indian airspace.

Register for this live-streamed announcement from AAI and Aireon this Friday to hear about the collaboration and latest update regarding space-based ADS-B in Indian airspace.  Q&A will follow.


Chief Guest: Vineet Gulati
Member, Air Navigation Services (ANS), AAI
Mansoor Ahmad
Executive Director of Commutations, Navigation and Surveillance (CNS), AAI
JP Alex
Executive Director, Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM), AAI
Rajeev Mehta
General Manager, Air Traffic Management (ATM), Mumbai, AAI
Ayoob Melapura
General Manager, Air Traffic Management (ATM), Chennai, AAI
Ms. Shymali Haldar
General Manager, Air Traffic Management (ATM), Kolkata, AAI
Swaminathan Subramanian
General Manager, Air Traffic Surveillance (ATS), CHQ, AAI
Don Thoma
Chief Executive Officer, Aireon
Peter Cabooter
Vice President of Customer Affairs, Aireon