AireonSTREAM: A Single Source of Global Telemetry Data for Tailored Data Streaming

Webinar Abstract

Aireon has expanded its data service offerings by providing access to its real-time, high-fidelity, space-based ADS-B data beyond air traffic surveillance uses. AireonSTREAM™ is one of our newest products that allows stakeholders to access Aireon’s data, combined with flight and airspace contextual information – including weather, avionics, aircraft registration and schedule data.

AireonSTREAM makes it possible to integrate telemetry data into other data analytics platforms, providing a single source of telemetry data and access to the full suite of derived analysis tools.

During this half-hour webinar, Aireon will not only discuss use cases, but also technical information for deploying for surface movements, weather event management and what the data sees beyond commercial aircraft. Following the presentations, we will open the floor for Q&A with Aireon experts.


Picture of Demetrius Zuidema
Demetrius Zuidema
Manager, Global Commercial Data Services Sales, Aireon
Picture of Chris Devlin
Chris Devlin
Director, Product Management, Aireon