Russ Chew


As President of KeyForce Capital, Russ Chew serves as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer for early-stage technology companies to develop and align their business strategies with the capital financing needed for achieving commercialization and growth.

Chew previously served JetBlue Airways as president and chief operating officer during a successful turnaround following its highly publicized operating debacle in February 2007. This not only included improving the airline’s operating performance of its 650 daily flights utilizing 150 jet aircraft to 55 cities in nine countries, but also refocusing JetBlue’s business strategy and completely renewing of its core information systems and technology. From 2003 to 2007, Chew served as the Chief Operating Officer for the Federal Aviation Administration to focus on implementing private-sector performance-based business practices to Air Traffic Control to better manage its $9 billion annual budget. During his tenure at FAA, Chew restructured the organization to align capital spending with operational and business performance metrics, linking scorecard review processes with operational activities.

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