Raymond G. Bohn


Mr. Bohn is the Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer at NAV CANADA, responsible for the development of a skilled and motivated workforce and the provision of strategic direction in stakeholder relations, communications and corporate planning.

Mr. Bohn’s key priority is the ongoing development of a culture that fosters effective leadership, performance, corporate brand and employee engagement. He is responsible for critical human resource functions such as succession and performance management, talent acquisition and workforce planning, total rewards, pensions, health and wellness, operational training, and labour and employee relations. Leading the corporate planning and performance function, Mr. Bohn is responsible for delivering value-added business analysis, strategic guidance and corporate predictive forecasts and insights, as well as defining and reporting meaningful corporate metrics.
He is also responsible for strategic oversight of the Company’s stakeholder relations program, customer service and organizational communications including employee and corporate communications, government and public affairs, media relations and translation/terminology services.

Mr. Bohn holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree with High Honours (Carleton University), a Certificate of Management Excellence (Harvard Business School), and a Master’s Certificate in Project Management (York University). Mr. Bohn has also completed the Ivey Executive Leadership Program (University of Western Ontario).

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