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Not Seeing As Many Planes Over Your House? COVID-19 is Changing Air Travel Patterns in North Texas


The absence of jet engine blare over North Texas is another reminder that the COVID-19 pandemic is changing not just who we socialize with, but what we hear, too. Air traffic is down more than 50% over North Texas in recent weeks, changing not just how often planes fly over communities, but which communities are seeing air traffic at all, according to data provided by Aireon, a company that makes and operates air traffic tracking and surveillance systems. At DFW International Airport, only 244 planes took off and landed last…

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Flight Plan Errors Could be Costly


More than one-third of pilots are not filing IFR flight plans correctly when it comes to entering their aircraft’s ADS-B equipment information, the FAA has told AOPA. One field is completed incorrectly on 35 percent of flights. In certain airspace, incorrectly filed ADS-B capability could result in a significant change to either the route of flight or the requested altitude. “Incorrect or missing information on a flight plan can affect the ability of ATC automation systems to correctly indicate whether the aircraft is ADS-B equipped—this is for the controller, not…

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Wall Street Journal: U.S. Joining Global Push Allowing Cargo Shipments in Passenger Jet Cabins


U.S. air-safety regulators, seeking to make it easier for airlines to ramp up transportation of cargo aimed at combating the pandemic, are poised to allow such shipments in the cabins of passenger planes, according to people familiar with the issue. The new guidance is slated to be issued in the coming days, they said, and is expected to resemble earlier moves by carriers and foreign aviation authorities from Canada to Ethiopia and the Middle East. Normally, operating restrictions and aircraft structural limits mean passenger jets must put all cargo in…

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