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Operations Overview

Aireon is the first and only provider of space-based Air Traffic Services surveillance (ATS surveillance) for Air Traffic Control (ATC) separation services. Aireon's operations have been designed to meet the stringent and rigorous requirements required for providing the safety-of-life ATS Surveillance. Aireon recognizes the safety and mission critical nature of such a service and has established a 24/7/365 operations center, which will monitor the integrity of the Aireon service and provide immediate access for customers.

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ADS-B Technical Overview

The Aireon system has been designed to address the safety, efficiency, availability and performance requirements that have been mandated by many air traffic organizations worldwide. Take a look at the technical details of the overall system and how the receivers will function when the constellation is fully-operational in 2018.

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Beyond NextGen

Space-based ADS-B will extend this critical NextGen air traffic surveillance beyond the reach of traditional ground stations and will provide real-time coverage for not only 100 percent of U.S. managed airspace, but for the first time, 100 percent of the globe. Expanding ADS-B coverage through a space-based system will significantly increase the benefits in efficiency and safety to all stakeholders, while requiring no additional avionics beyond what is already mandated by the FAA in 2020.

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