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Corporate Overview

In 2018, Aireon will deploy the world’s first truly global air traffic surveillance system, extending ADS-B across the entire planet. Through an unprecedented space-based ADS-B system, Aireon will provide 100 percent surveillance coverage of ADS-B equipped aircraft in real time.

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Operational Surveillance Solutions

Space-based ADS-B will be a turn-key surveillance solution, delivering traditional ADS-B messages directly to the Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP) like traditional ADS-B radio would do. The major difference is that the Aireon delivery point will provide a single source for all 1090ES aircraft for the entire FIR and beyond.

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Space-Based ADS-B Benefits

Space-based ADS-B will eliminate global blind spots, allow for increased safety, precise aircraft locations, improved search and rescue response, reduction in gross navigation errors, enhanced cross-border safety and faster pilot/controller communication.

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The Executive Reference Guide to Space-Based ADS-B

This reference guide gives high-level overviews of the history of air traffic surveillance, how aircraft position is currently determined, ADS-B history, the challenges of current global surveillance and how Aireon series will transform air traffic surveillance.

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Aireon ALERT

Aireon Aircraft Locating and Emergency Response Tracking (ALERT) is the aviation industry’s first and only free, global, real-time emergency aircraft location service. Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs), aircraft operators, regulators and search and rescue organizations in need of crucial aircraft location data, can rely on Aireon ALERT to help provide an ADS-B OUT 1090MHz equipped aircraft’s most recently known position.

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