India Optimizes Airspace with ADS-B Deployment


Airports Authority of India (AAI), which controls the third-largest airspace area in the world, is the first in South Asia to successfully deploy Aireon’s satellite-based ADS-B air traffic surveillance system. During trials completed in the past 18 months, the government-backed group successfully tested Aireon’s ADS-B Out service across the Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata oceanic airspace.

Before the deployment of the Aireon system, controllers typically kept aircraft at inefficient flight levels because of the high traffic volumes and lack of radar coverage. This resulted in more fuel burned and thus higher costs for operators.

Aireon’s ADS-B is an air traffic surveillance technology that relies on aircraft broadcasting their identity, position, and other information derived from onboard systems to receivers on satellites instead of ground-based receivers. Iridium is hosting the Aireon ADS-B payload on each of its 66 satellites (and nine spares) in low-earth orbit.

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