Flight Plan Errors Could be Costly


Wrong ADS-B Info Can Affect Route, Altitude

More than one-third of pilots are not filing IFR flight plans correctly when it comes to entering their aircraft’s ADS-B equipment information, the FAA has told AOPA. One field is completed incorrectly on 35 percent of flights. In certain airspace, incorrectly filed ADS-B capability could result in a significant change to either the route of flight or the requested altitude.

“Incorrect or missing information on a flight plan can affect the ability of ATC automation systems to correctly indicate whether the aircraft is ADS-B equipped—this is for the controller, not related to enforcement,” said Rune Duke, AOPA senior director of airspace, air traffic, and aviation security. “Flight plan filing issues may have an operational impact as the FAA continues its satellite-based ADS-B efforts and only 1090ES equipped aircraft will be allowed at certain altitudes or on certain routes.”

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