How Flight-Tracking Site FlightAware Works, for Consumers and Airlines


It started as the pet project of a software developer who was also a pilot. Today, the company boasts a team of 110 employees in four countries, and helps some 15 million travelers per month, over 200 airlines and 15,000 other companies.

It’s FlightAware, a 15-year old company and the leader in providing flight data to passengers and commercial customers. The company provides a ubiquitous tool for travelers; search for your particular flight on Google, and FlightAware is invariably one of the first listings. And, if you want to know where your plane is now, say in the event of a delay, FlightAware is the go-to.

It shares the market with Sweden-based FlightRadar24, which also provides flight tracking; FlightAware’s product suite is much more robust, used by passengers and airlines around the world.

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