Publication of EUROCAE Document ED-129B


EUROCAE has published a new version the ATM industry standard specification to ED-129B.  ED-129B defines the requirements and expectations of ADS-B Systems (both European and throughout most of the world) for ANSP surveillance of ADS-B aircraft.  This specification was co-authored by EUROCAE member industry experts including Aireon’s Director of Systems Engineering, Dr. Michael Garcia, and Sr. System Engineer Andy Hoag in order to assist in the migration of ED-129 from a Ground Station specification to a Ground System specification that could include a plurality of Ground Stations and Space-Based ADS-B receivers that deliver data to ATM systems.  The publication of ED-129B is a significant milestone towards modernizing ADS-B Systems to be in compliance with Europe’s SPI-IR (EU No 1207/2011) and increasing the adoption of ADS-B for ATC aircraft separation services.

This document is available on request from the EUROCAE Secretariat