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How will Airlines comply with ICAO GADSS?


Over the past week, Aireon has made several exciting announcements about new partnerships, products and customers.  The action began on September 21st, when together, Aireon and FlightAware announced a new partnership and a new product, GlobalBeaconSM, designed to help airlines comply with new distress aircraft tracking recommendations created by the industry’s international regulatory body.  And just five days later, more major news was shared, as we revealed that Qatar Airways is the official launch customer for the new solution.

In March of 2016, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) established the Global Aeronautical Safety System, or GADSS.  The intent behind GADSS was to help ensure no planes would ever “disappear” again, especially over remote and oceanic airspace.  The lack of surveillance over a majority of the earth has resulted in the inability to maximize efficiencies in the air traffic system and contributes to tragedies like MH370 and AF447.

At the heart of the GADSS recommendations is the ability for airlines to track their aircraft in one-minute intervals should the plane enter a state of distress.  Additionally, under normal flight conditions, it is recommended that airlines receive location updates at a minimum of once every 15 minutes. With GlobalBeacon, airlines will be instantly equipped with a permanent minute-by-minute, global tracking capability for all Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (ADS-B) equipped aircraft by 2018.  And while specific details for GADSS implementation and additional requirements are still under debate by the regulatory body, ICAO, this core component is viewed as non-negotiable.

FlightAware is one of the world’s largest flight tracking data companies with a suite of next-generation products and services that includes real-time origin, destination, flight plan route, position and estimated time of arrival information.  With the addition of Aireon’s space-based ADS-B network, FlightAware will be uniquely positioned to offer this revolutionary real-time aircraft tracking solution.

By signing on as the first GlobalBeacon launch customer, Qatar Airways, an already highly recognized leader in the aviation industry, continues to show their commitment to a safer and more efficient air traffic system. They are positioned to receive the benefits of real-time global air traffic surveillance for their entire fleet, via the GlobalBeacon web-interface. This cloud-based, secure system will allow Qatar Airways to track and create custom alert settings for their entire fleet, and it will provide them with instant notification of any unusual activity by an aircraft.

As we continue our journey towards the completion of the first space-based ADS-B network, you can read all the latest news, right here at Aireon 1090 Global.